Albergues Closed due to Covid-19

I am leaving this post up for historic purposes, to show how things developed but the situation on the Camino and in Spain has since dramatically changed, my latest update about the current situation (October 2020) can be found here:

Last updated: 14th March 2020 17:13 Spanish Time

Important! All albergues in Galicia are closed, and albergues in other parts of the country are closing fast also, and Spain has declared a state of emergency. If you are on a pilgrimage now, please stop and travel home!

I am NOT updating this list anymore as the Caminos here in Spain are de facto closed!

This is very much a work in progress, but here you go. The list of albergues / pilgrim hostels currently closed to prevent the further spread of the Corona Virus/ Covid-19. Please bookmark this page for further reference … And if you want to help, please post any news about closed/re-opened albergues in a comment. This list currently features albergues that are closed or about to close plus certain other, pilgrim related services that have been closed.

Santiago de Compostela

Pilgrim House in Rua Nova 19 – closed

Cathedral – closed

Pilgrim’s Office – closed. You can leave your Credencial in a mail box and they will mail you your Compostela.

Camino Francés

Roncesvalles – closed

Burgos – municipal
Navarette – Casa del Peregrino

Rabanal – Gaucelmo closed/opening postponed

Camino del Norte

A Carida (El Franco) – municipal
Sobrado dos Monxes

Bustio Asturias

Mar y Montaña in Vegadeo

Tapia de Casariego municipal albergue


Via de la Plata:

Zafra – Albergue Vincent Gogh limited to 18 pilgrims max

Camino Primitivo

Albergue Grado – Closed starting Monday, for a month.

Other Caminos in Spain

The towns of Igualada and Vilanova del Camí and Santa Margarida de Montbui on the Camí Catalan & Camino Ignaciano have been placed in complete quarantine isolation for two weeks, nobody allowed in or out of town. It goes without saying that the Albergue at Igualada is closed for business.

Camino Sureste
Albergue Santa Anna. CLOSED

Albergue O.Ninho. CLOSED

Camino Levante

Canals and Mouxent – Closed


Alpriate Albergue
Albergue de Conímbriga
Rainha Pilgrim Hostel Rainha D. Teresa, Albergaria-a-Velha
Albergue de S. Salvador de Grijó
Albergue Cidade de Barcelos limited to 20 pilgrims/day
Albergue Municipal de Pilegrinos – Casa da Recoleta – Tamel limited to 20 pilgrims/day
Pilgrim Hostel of São Teotónio
São Tiago de Labruge
Santa Clara Albergue- Vila do Conde
Albergue Sao Mamede
Valença Albergue
Povoa de Varzim: São José de Ribamar
Paredes de Coura – closed starting Friday
Ponte de Lima – closed

Azinhaga Casa de Azzancha closed

Camino Zamorano Portugues

Edral – albergue in old people’s center closed
Braganca and Vilhais – The fire brigade is not accepting pilgrims anymore at this time

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  1. The following is sent to me by Dutch members , Nederlandse vereniging van St.Jacob.

    Albergue in Ponte de Lima. CLOSED

    Camino Sureste,
    Albergue Santa Anna. CLOSED

    Albergue O.Ninho. CLOSED

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