I am well!

I wrote and scheduled a blog post on a very dark day. Then I got better and forgot to delete it. Please accept my apologies! I am well and doing each day better. I know I have a multitude of messages to answer to, I will get to them, but please know:

“I am well, I am not in any distress, I am getting better every day.”

Please forgive me for any distress I have caused you, it wasn’t my intention!

More in an upcoming blog post tomorrow or so.

I am well, please stop worrying! And thank you all for your concern and messages!

12 thoughts on “I am well!”

  1. Hi Sybille
    It’s Annie (OzAnnie) from the Camino forum here. Hope you are well.
    I think I managed to subscribe to your blog email here on this site.

    I’m also trying to send another donation to ‘help your neighbours’.. hopefully in time for your Christmas supplies. We all need to share and spread the cheer.
    I might have to find the paypal link.

    Merry Christmas from Sydney, Australia

  2. I am so glad to hear that you are well. Thank you for letting us know. 💚 I will continue to keep you and Egeria House in my prayers. 🙏🏻 Please know that you are so loved and precious. 💜 You are such a inspiration and you make a huge difference by being who you are. 🧡 Please don’t feel any pressure that you have to be strong or act in a certain way. Take a deep breath, tomorrow is a new fresh day. God bless you! /FamPed (Nina)

  3. Thank you for letting us know.
    It was a worrying couple hours
    Stay safe znd well.

  4. Thanks be! Sy I have never met you but value your ministry and voice. My God friend Dale H knows you. I was a bit concerned and offered intercession. Be well my friend. I hope to meet you next time in Santiago!

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