I want my doorbell to stop ringing

Not because I am too exhausted to help, but because I am so exhausted that billionaires spend billions to spend 10 minutes in space whilst so many people on earth don’t have a safe roof over their heads, nor clean water nor healthy food.

I quoted it before and I will quote the Dalai Lama again:

“We have enough for anybody’s need but not enough for everybody’s greed”

Dalai Lama
  • What is wrong with us humans?
  • How can we change this?
  • How can we make this earth a better place for all of us?
  • I am tired of hearing my doorbell ringing.
  • Do you have food?
  • Do you have basic things like masks and hand sanitizer to keep ourselves and our families as safe as possible?

It never stops, since more than a year now, and it will not stop until all of us change and live and support that every human being has the right to survive …

Every person on earth deserves:

  • A safe place to live.
  • Clean water.
  • Food.
  • Medical support.
  • Education.

And as long as I live and have the resources , I will give. BUT my patience grows short on those that don’t share what they have in abundance.

The ones of having the golden faucets and their own space transport.

I am so tired of those that don’t care about those that lack the bare necessities of living:

I am tired of answering the bell, but still I do, because it’s the right, the only way to live, helping others. But I am tired … that I am answering the door bell whilst billionaires are going to space …

2 thoughts on “I want my doorbell to stop ringing”

  1. Completely agree, it’s really frustrating that people can be so greedy. I volunteer in a foodbank twice a week and demand has increased a lot over the past year. Jeff Bezos could end food poverty in an instant if he wanted to.

  2. You are so right. I find that those who have plenty do not give. Those with little are the most generous. I am on the France’ at the moment and am meeting the most generous and kind people along the way. It is refreshing my faith in people. You read as though you are exhausted, and understandably so. Please don’t waste your energy on the selfish and greedy. Use it for yourself and those in need. Bless you for your hard work and kindness.

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