Help for Camino People

Update in progress! There have been a lot of questions how to help people that live on and have their business on the Camino. So I decided to compile a list as those cases come to my attention. Choose your case and donate directly to it and if you know of another place that needs help, please contact me:

Camino Associations and Charities

The following organisations maintain albergues on the Caminos and/or help albergues to stay afloat in this difficult times. To see what each one does additionally, click through to their website.

Camino Francés

Via de la Plata & Camino Mozárabe

Camino del Norte

Donativo Albergue “Tu Casa” – Vega de Ribadesella – PayPal link:

Camino Primitivo

Camino Portugues

Santiago de Compostela & Miscellaneous

Let’s help each other …

14 thoughts on “Help for Camino People”

  1. we have received your letter with the badge of the 2020 Camino. We still want to thank all those who participated in the donations for supporting our effort to keep the San Bruno open. The situation is not easy but we are optimistic and we know we have your support. Thanks thanks thanks! We hope to see you soon.
    Anna e Bruno

  2. Hi Sybille, Any albergue on the VdlP or Madrid we can support, please?
    Regards from Australia

    1. Not at the moment, the only one that comes immediately to my mind would be Padre Blas’ albergue in Fuenterobles de Salvatierra on the Plata. Not sure how they are doing financially, but I know he is housing some stranded people there. Here is their website:
      Drop him a note and ask him?
      BC SY

    2. Albergue Santa Cruz, Sahagun. Still needs a little more for their plumbing works, necessary work even before Covid. Spoke with Padre Daniel yesterday, works underway as far as possible given restrictions.

      1. Tell them to send me a paragraph of text and a photo or two and I’ll put them on the list 😉
        BC SY

  3. Thank you for doing this. Much appreciated! God bless and stay safe. Colette

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