July Accountability and Allotment News

Unfashionable late as usual, but here are the numbers plus some really good news:

June (donations) and July (costs) of running my, not so little anymore, neighbourhood pantry:


Donations leftover from the previous month: 195,75 Euros

Donations received in June: 811,83

Costs of buying supplies (food and basic cleaning supplies) for the neighbourhood pantry July 2022: 829,18 Euros

Carry over to August: + 178,40 Euros

Link to receipts: (This is a ZIP folder, I am on a Mac and take cybersecurity seriously, but please, still scan it before unzipping, it’s just good practice 😉

Also, forgot to mention it last month, I still have 300 Euros of ’emergency cash’ in storage, so all good for the foreseeable future!

Three good news to share:

I will go away for a few days this week to visit friends in Portugal and recharge my batteries. I plan to cuddle their two dogs until they bark for mercy 😉 One of my neighbours will take on the distribution of the things in the pantry, so nobody will be in distress whilst I am gone.

I have a new allotment, slightly farer away than I like (~3km) but it comes with no strings attached, so basically I can do whatever I like with it. Because of the distance I think I will mostly concentrate on fruit trees, berry shrubs and the like, at least for this year. I will also ask some of my neighbours if they would like to help. Any surplus product will go to any project that helps with food insecurity here in Santiago.

I did run a very successful fundraiser on Facebook for Saint James’ Day, so the shelves will be continued to be stocked for a long time, which gives me incredible peace of mind!

That’s all, for now, big abrazos (hugs) from Santiago, SY

PS Forgot to add, my landlord allowed me to put up a third shelf (for clothing, shoes and other useful small items). So happy!

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