Tales from Two Houses

Some time ago Dave Whitsun from the Camino Podcast contacted me and asked if I would agree to an interview, and, after giving it some thought, I said yes. Below the result. The Podcast is entitled ‘Tales from Two Houses’ because it first features and interview with Nate and Faith from Pilgrim House and then my bit regarding all the different versions Egeria House has gone through over the last few years. After the Podcast, you find a very short list of links that you might find helpful.




And yes, here is also the link to my own Amazon Author page: https://www.amazon.com/S-Yates/e/B00A9YUYQ2

One thought on “Tales from Two Houses”

  1. Thank you Sybille
    I listened to the podcast yesterday and really enjoyed it.
    Well done.
    Stay safe and well
    James McHugh

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