May Accountability

May 2022 Donations and Costs

Sorry, again a few days late, but here are the numbers for April (donations) and May (costs):


Donations leftover from the previous month: 170,80 Euros

Donations received in April: 495,67 Euros

Costs of buying supplies (food, basic cleaning supplies plus a bottle of gas to cook the food for one of the families) for the neighbourhood pantry May 2022: 794,56 Euros

Carry over to June: – 128,09 Euros

Link to receipts: (This is a ZIP folder, I am on a Mac and take cybersecurity seriously, but please, still scan it before unzipping, it’s just good practice 😉

Sorry if this a very short blog post, feeling a bit under the weather right now. As soon as I can I will write up another one with updates on what is going on in my life here in Santiago. And also sorry for the following repeat of what I wrote in an earlier post:

If you want to donate to something specifically, just put a note against it or contact me if you have any special question/idea.

The receipts are now all ‘neighbourhood pantry’ only. The little I need for myself I can go easily shopping on foot for myself. So, less confusion for everybody and more exercise for me!

And yes, there is still a tiny bit of overlap between the pantry and my own supplies. If I forgot to buy tomato sauce for myself, I grab one from the pantry shelves, if my neighbours run out of toilet paper on a Sunday afternoon, I split what I have in the ‘penthouse’ with them. There will be always this kind of overlap, but I keep it to the bare minimum and make sure it balances out both ways. Like I said before, for me it’s not about charity but about sharing what I have and what I can fundraise for with your help.

The ’emergency fund’ of just over 300 Euros (should I need it aka if things are really going haywire/south here in Europe) is still intact, lets pray for peace and less raise in prices (worldwide!).

If you want to contribute to what I do, two very important points first:

Please don’t give more than you can easily afford.

Please don’t give any amount that you wanted already to give to another project.

Said all this, I could never have done all this without the help of all of you scattered around the whole world. So a huge MUCHAS GRACIAS to all of you!

And a last, big Mea Culpa, I know I am horribly bad in keeping up with my email inbox, so if I haven’t acknowledged your donation, please drop me a note in the comments here and I will get to it ASAP.

Also, if you have any questions and/or need clarification about anything, just do the same.

Plus, if you are in Santiago, I am always happy to show you the pantry and chat about my neighbours.

Big abrazos (hugs) from Santiago, SY

6 thoughts on “May Accountability”

  1. Dearest Sybille, there is no need to spend all this time proving what you spend our donations on. I trust you totally. I am sure you have better things to spend your time on than to balance the books so to speak. It is quite wonderful what you DO do for the less fortunate than ourselves.
    Here is the UK I am so down about Ukraine that I have stopped reading the news about it. I just pray & pray & Pray for peace in Ukraine. Look after yourself. GOD bless you in your wonderful work. Lots of love : Kitty.

    1. Hi Kitty,

      Thanks for your kind words, trust and continuing support. I actually like writing up these blog posts because they show me where the money goes, what is most needed etc plus, as cheesy as this may sound, they also give me personal reassurance that I do some good. As for Ukraine, without going into political details, horrible damage has been done already, not only for that country but for the whole world. The next winter will be the toughest we have ever lived through due to the soaring costs of living. Hugs from Santiago!

  2. Thank you Sybil, for all you are doing for your community and neigbours. Only also take care of yourself too.

  3. Dear Sybil
    You don’t need to apologise for anything at all. You are doing wonderful work. Take care and best wishes.
    Keith Redhead

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