I went to the Cathedral Today

I walked through the Holy Door.

I was blinded by all the gold, recently polished.

It was too much.

And all that glitter didn’t reflect anything.

I went to the Cathedral Today

I couldn’t go up to give a hug to my friend, but I could go down,

Kneeling on the cold stone floor before his tomb.

I went to the cathedral today

Praying for all of us.

Praying for those that I am not able to hug.

Holding in my heart those that need a hug.

Holding on to myself – barely.

Praying to be shown the next yellow arrow …

I went to the Cathedral Today

But I didn’t leave the house.

I went in spirit, but I was too afraid to go in body.

Perhaps tomorrow …

4 thoughts on “I went to the Cathedral Today”

  1. A nice story.
    At the beginning of September 2020 3 young girls left Mont Saint-Michel in France. They arrived, as they wanted, on December 24 in Saint-Jacques. Blessed and in the glory of the Lord, they found a person who works on the current site. The three pilgrims, with the worker, entered the cathedral, the crypt and even the bell towers. AMEN

  2. Such heartfelt emotions. Thank you for sharing your prayers and love and hugs. Just want to let you know you reached this pilgrim. Bless you and stay safe Sybille. These are difficult days. But you should know that reaching out like this helps us and supports us. I hope you can feel our prayers and support in return.

  3. That is sad and beautiful at the same time. Thoughts and prayers for you Sybille. Buen Camino.

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