How to find my place:
The address is TRAVESIA do Carme de Abeixo, there are two streets with  similar names in the neighbourhood. At least one neighbour in those streets, as I discovered today, has had regularly pilgrims ringing her door bell. She was really gracious as I went over a short time ago with a bunch of flowers to apologize, but please make sure you come to the right place. To find my house (and not hers!):
  • Follow the Camino to Finisterre until you see the sign pointing to the albergue Roots&Boots to the left.
  • Turn right into the little street called TRAVESIA do Carme de Abeixo.
  • My place is less than 10m down that street at number four on the right side.
  • If you see the medieval bridge, you have gone too far!
  • If you start going downhill, you have gone too far!
  • If you crossed the bridge, you are definitely wrong!
  • During forum meet-up times the door is open.
  • SYates is written on the door bell.
  • If you don’t see my name on the door bell and the door is closed, you are at the wrong house!
Please help me  to maintain good relationships with my neighbours and don’t ring/knock at the wrong door 😉

Buen Camino, SY

Travesía do Carme de Abaixo, 4
15705 Santiago de Compostela
A Coruña

0034 698 128 190 ( SMS/Text/texto preferred/bevorzugt/preferido !!!)

sy {a}