‘Egeria House’ in Santiago de Compostela is the private home of S.Yates, a Camino Fossil aka veteran pilgrim, which is open to pilgrims, volunteers that are traveling through and friends in general – time and space permitting. It is a place where people can find a helping hand, a listening ear and a cup of coffee/tea plus the odd cookie/biscuit. To contact me see the information >here< and to follow my adventures as I settle in Santiago have a look >here<.

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(Please note, that the location will be shown as Praha, CZ until I manage to change my Paypal details, but any donation will be used exclusively for ‘pilgrim care’ in Santiago de Compostela!)


‘Egeria Haus’ in Santiago de Compostela ist das Heim von S.Yates, ein Caminofossil = Altpilgerin, das anderen Pilgern, durchreisenden Freiwilligen und Freunden offensteht – wenn Zeit und Platz ist. Es ist ein Ort an dem Menschen eine helfende Hand, ein offenes Ohr und eine Tasse Kaffee/Tee, manchmal sogar mit einem Plätzchen, finden können. Kontaktinformation >hier< und wer meinen Abenteuern in Santiago folgen möchte (im Moment nur auf Englisch) kann >hier< klicken.


‘Egeria House’ (Casa Egeria) en Santiago de Compostela es la casa privada de S.Yates, un fósil del Camino = una peregrina veterana, que esta abierta para peregrin@s, voluntari@s y amig@s en general – siempre si hay tiempo y espacio. Es un lugar donde puedes encontrar ayuda practica, alguien que te escucha y una tasa de café o té, de vez en cuando con una galleta. Para contactarme pulse >aquí< y para seguir mis aventuras en Santiago (por el momento solo en Inglés) pulse >aquí<.



From 26th May 2017/ Ab dem 26. Mai 2017/ A Partir del 26. de Mayo 2017

Travesía do Carme de Abaixo, 4
15705 Santiago de Compostela
A Coruña

00420 732518538 (only/nur/solo SMS/text !!!)

sy {a} sybilleyates.com


S.Yates walked the pilgrim path to Santiago de Compostela for the first time in winter 1999/2000 and has been addicted, since that very first day walking out of Roncesvalles, to all things Camino but especially to the hospitality on the Way of St. James. From 2000-2004 she served as a hospitalera voluntaria with a Spanish volunteer organisation in over 20 albergues along the Camino Frances and the Camino to Finisterra. In August 2004 she moved to England and in 2008 from there to the Czech Republic and continued to explore pilgrim paths all over Europe and to write about them. She is getting slowly used to the idea of calling herself a (travel) writer, see her Amazon Author Page >here for US< and >here for UK<.

Since the 25th May 2017 she lives in Santiago de Compostela with the aim of making herself useful, once again, to other pilgrims. She sees herself as a ‘stationary pilgrim’ and doesn’t exclude the possibility of escaping the big city occasionally for one of the pilgrim roads less traveled.